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As we all are aware, 2020 and 2021 brought some tremendous challenges for everyone. We are very thankful to our customers for their support and understanding as we have, and continue, to navigate these times. Along with the health and regulation challenges faced this past year, many of you are aware of severe limits in all supply chains for everything from cleaning products to bicycles.
Please understand that this supply issue for bicycles is not going to be over this year.
We do not expect open inventory of bicycles until well into 2023.
A Word on Why
Most people are wondering WHY there is such a shortage of products like bicycles. There is a two fold answer:
  • With people being at home and w/ gyms and other venues closed, bicycling became (and will continue to be) the perfect "Social Distancing Activity". This lead to an unprecedented 400% increase in demand of products internationally.
  • Early on in the pandemic factories were shuttered around the world. This means everything from bicycle factories overseas to rack and kickstand production plants here. These factories are still struggling to play catch up now that they are open.

What we are doing 

We are working for you! We have been and will continue to place backorders for inventory to serve our customers. Please understand, as stated in the above articles, the bikes that we have coming in are typically sold before they get here or very shortly after.
What you can do!
The best, and only practice to guarantee product is to put any bike(s) you want on backorder now. We are happy to help you choose the right product and sizes and get bikes on order for you so you are in line when they come in. This truly will be your best, if not only, bet to get a bike in the next 12 months.