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Basic Tune Up

Standard Tune $89.99*

  • Adjust hubs, headset & bottom bracket (crank)
  • Adjust & lubricate brakes
  • Adjust & lubricate derailleurs
  • Lubricate chain
  • Inspect & inflate tires to proper PSI

*All tune-ups are plus parts.*

Deluxe Tune-Up

Deluxe Tune $119.99*

  • Standard Tune-Up PLUS
  • Wheel true
  • Extensive brake adjustment
  • Extensive derailleur adjustments

*All tune-ups are plus parts.*

Premium Tune-Up

Premium Tune $199.99*

  • Deluxe Tune-Up PLUS
  • Overhaul hubs, headset, & bottom bracket

*All tune-ups are plus parts.*

Other Services Include....

A la Carte
  • True individual wheels 
  • Custom wheel builds
  • Remove/install cassettes/freewheels
  • Adjust individual derailleurs
  • Adjust individual brakes
  • Bleed hydraulic disc brakes
  • Overhaul/adjust individual hubs
  • Overhaul/install/adjust headset
  • Install/straighten fork
  • Install/overhaul/adjust bottom bracket
  • Install dropout/straighten frame 
  • Tap crank arms 
  • Replace chainrings
  • Complete bike builds
  • Re-pack bike for shipment 

Factory trained, Shimano S-T.E.C. Certified, Trek Certified Service and Trek University "Guide" technicians working on every bike.

Shimano T.E.C.

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